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Information on kitten price, kitten health, Kitten deposit, Kitten age, when balance is due, what comes with kitten, Spay and nuter

Wait List & Adoption Info

Pet Price, Kitten, Selection, Deposit, Kitten age at delivery

Our waiting list is currently open and a $300 deposit is required to be put on the wait list.

Pet price - $3000 - 4000

All kittens sold as pets, the prices are -  $3000 - $4000  They must be de-sexed by 6 months of age​. Most kittens will be $3000.00 for regular silver and smoke. Poly & pale silver or smoke  kittens will be $3500.00 and shaded color or very pale or very pale smoke kittens will be $4000.00

A lot goes into breeding and raising top quality, well adjusted, healthy kittens.  All of our adult breeding cats are DNA tested for genetic defects. They are also screened for hip dysplasia and HCM, a heart defect.  Every kitten will receive its first vaccinations, parasite control and Microcipped  so every kitten we place has the very best chance of living a long, healthy life with their new families.

1. Kitten Selection

When the kittens are born and they have been evaluated to make sure they are normal and healthy, you will be contacted when you are next on the list.  You will be sent photos and videos of the kittens so you can make your selection. 

2. Deposit

Once you have selected a kitten, an additional deposit of $400 (for a total of $700) must be paid to hold the kitten until it is old enough to go to its new home.  The entire deposit will apply towards the purchase price. 

Deposits can be sent through Zelle, Cash App or VENMO.

3. Kitten age at delivery

Kittens can travel to their new homes at 12 to 13 weeks of age.  

4. When the balance of purchase price is due

The balance of the purchase price must be paid 10 days before the kitten is re-homed

5. What comes with the kitten

The kitten will have a full set of health records including vaccinations, parasite control, microchip number, FREE 30 day pet insurance paperwork and a little starter bag of food and toys.  

6. Spay -Neuter / Registration Paperwork

The kitten will be spayed or neutered prior to living my home IF possible. If not possible you will be required to alter the kitten before 6 months of age. Registration paperwork will be added to the going home package if they are altered prior. If altered after rehoming registration paperwork will be mailed to you upon proof of Spay or Neuter.

Note: If the kitten is being shipped through air travel, the buyer will be responsible for all expenses related to transport. Including but not limited to: airline ticket, and health certificate if required.

7. Discounts 

There will be discounts for previous buyers and buyers of multiple kitten. 

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