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About Me


I grew up with a love for all animals but I always had a special love for cats. I consider myself the original cat lady. I grew up in Louisiana and we often had chickens, rabbits, cows, pigs and of course cats. Out in the country there were often feral cats. I would try to catch them. One day when my grandmother observed my great love for cats she taught me how to catch and tame feral cats. Often in the beginning of catching and taming feral cats I would become extremely scratch up from head to toe but that didn’t stop me one bit. As a small child I would tell everyone that when I grew up I wasn’t going to have kids but I wanted to have a house full of cats. 


Time laps going forward, when I grew up I got married I had 3 kids and put my other dreams on hold for a while. While my kids were growing up we had some pets through their growing up years. Once my kids were a little older I did breed dogs for a while and I loved them but there was still something missing in my heart.

After another little jump in time, my kids are now grown and I have grandkids. Now it is me time to relearn what I love and want to do with my new-found time. About 5 years ago I adopted a cat which woke up that sleeping love I have always had for cats. It was about this time that I learned about Maine Coons. I started researching the


breed, it took a long time to learn and understand everything I needed to know about breeding Maine Coons and how to breed in a way to improve the breed. Then I spent a couple of years researching European breeders so I could


select the perfect cats to start my breeding program. Now my dream has come true. I have a small cattery with a fewKings and Queens. We will grow a little but we will always remain fairly small because I insist on having the time to spoil each and every cat in my home ant to insure my fur babies get the highest quality care possible.

Lastly and very important. Like most cattery’s, my cattery is a closed cattery. This is ultimately important to insure the safety of my cats and family. Allowing random people into my home and around my kittens allows a chance of the kittens catching something or become harmed by being handled too much.  Currently my daughter and grandkids are living with me. My daughter also fosters and there are safety precautions we are required to take. 


Thank you for taking time to read about us. We look forward in getting to know you!

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