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Maine Coon babies

Hi! I’m Tammy, With TaLynn King Maine Coons. I consider myself the
original cat lady
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Kings & Queens

Located in Georgia, Talynnkingcoons is a reputable breeder specializing in Maine Coon cats and kittens. The cattery prides itself on offering the best Maine Coons kittens for sale, ensuring that potential pet owners receive top-quality companions. At Talynnkingcoons, each kitten is hand-selected based on health, coloring, personality, temperament, patterns, traits, and lineage, with many of the animals imported from renowned European Maine Coon catteries. The service not only prioritizes the superior traits of these beautiful cats but also provides an option for transportation throughout the USA, facilitating a seamless adoption process for new owners. Whether you're drawn to the rare Black Golden color or the striking Black Silver, Talynnkingcoons has a diverse selection of kings and queens to meet the discerning tastes of Maine Coon enthusiasts. I grew up with a love for all animals but I always had a special love for cats. Please see our FAQ's I consider myself the original cat lady. I grew up in Louisiana and we often had chickens, rabbits, cows, pigs, and of course cats. Out in the country there were often feral cats. I would try to catch them. One day when my grandmother observed my great love for cats she taught me how to catch and tame feral cats.

Stunning sleeping Maine Coon cat

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Maine Coon kittens for sale
Tri color fluffy Maine Coon Kitten

Meet Our Kings & Queens


Our Kings are hand selected for health, coloring, personality, temperament, patterns, traits and lineage. We have imported each animal from great European Maine Coon catteries. Here you can review the pedigree and test results.

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